Village of Yorkville Park Improvements

The Village of Yorkville Park is receiving an exciting face lift. In consultation with the Bloor-Yorkville BIA, as well as the ABC Resident’s Association and the Greater Yorkville Resident’s Association, my office has been working with City staff in Parks, Forestry and Recreation to review the health of the spruce trees in the eastern end of the park located at Cumberland Street and Bellair Street.

Due to a parking garage located underneath the park, the health of the soil beds for the 30 trees was deteriorating and causing the trees to die or have very poor structural form. The membrane located underneath the tree pits was also malfunctioning and since the water was not able to weep from the membrane, the roots of the trees were continuously over-saturated by water. In response to the poor health of the trees, a replacement plan was created.

As part of this welcomed improvement, 30 trees will be removed this fall (late October and early November, 2013) and will be replaced at the beginning of the spring, 2014. The trees were scheduled for removal this fall because it is considered the safest time given the decrease in pedestrian traffic in the park. The trees are being replaced in the spring since it is the time of year most conducive to healthy tree planting and replanting.

In addition to this work, the soil beds will be improved in an attempt to ensure that the new trees flourish for many years to come.

Urban Forestry continues to work with the Bloor-Yorkville BIA to minimize safety
concerns during the improvements and to identify species-selection for the spring planting. The BIA is also responsible for all costs associated with the installation of the new trees.

After conducting several site visits with the BIA, ABC, GYRA, and City staff, I am
pleased that the improvements to this iconic park are taking place and I am relieved that no one has been injured by the trees that have needed attention and replacement.

Residents and business owners with questions and feedback are encouraged to contact my office by telephone at, 416-392-7903 or, by e-mail at